by avoid.

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Members of this band as well as incredible numbers of people throughout the scene we reside on and all over the world have struggled with self-loathing and seeing their own self-worth. Feeling isolated and often numb from a great number of things. Simple things like a smile or laugh became a far more rare sight and the bright side to look on fades out to seem dimmer and dimmer.
I wrote this song after rethinking a few things said to me before the distancing of people I was once close to; hoping to find some sort of hope or change of heart in what they told me. I did.
These words serve as a reminder to myself to change what I don't like and accept that which I cannot.
We have one life and it is far too precious too spend constantly hating yourself and surrounding and wishing you ceased to exist.

If you are struggling with a mental illness, it is okay. Never be afraid to seek help. Sometimes asking is the hardest part.
If someone is reaching out to you for help, please do what you can to comfort them.

Every single one of us are vital, loved, and serve a grave purpose on this earth, even if we find it hard to see sometimes.
Make that feeling known.

Nick Booth


"Here is every letter, every love note, every haunting memory
The ones you wasted with your hands wrapped around everything that breathes.
Be a better man than the ones you hate
The ink that bled, the tears I wept, the makeup running down my face
I've had enough of your excuses, I've had enough of your complaints
Sometimes hopelessness can be a self-inflicted pain"

"You get stuck in your own head
Dead set on the worst situations"

I swear, I swear, I hate what I've become
Free will seems a fiction when you live without love
You always say “the grey will fade”
Teach me how to grow, teach me how to change

Fault line, I am not yours

My beautiful, I've committed an act of treason on myself
I asked for your advice but I never thought to use your help
I can't remember the last time that I smiled
An understatement I know, I know it's been a while

I used to tell myself that I'd get better with the weather but the seasons have all passed and I'm still standing in the rain
Still searching for a way to change the color of the sky; I walk under it quite often and it’s still a shade of Grey
I'm over feeling like teeth laid on concrete; stomped into submission with gums that always bleed
I refuse to ever be held back
Because a mind that spits regression is a mind that doesn't think

Swing low, swing fast
I refuse to be held back

I swear, I swear, I hate what I've become
Free will seems a fiction when you live without love
You always say "the grey will fade"
Teach me how to grow, teach me how to change

Teach me how to grow


released November 24, 2015
Produced, mixed, and mastered by Chris Galvez at Good Fortune Audio

Photo by Hailey Held at Hailey Held Photography

Artwork and layout by Jacob Willenborg at Leviathan Lives



all rights reserved


avoid. Cedar Falls, Iowa

Five people trying to make the most honest music possible.

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